kerupuk adalah makanan yang merakyat, murah meriah tapi rasanya tetep enak….masakan kan sedikit hambar kalau ga ada kerupuk…..

menurut wikipedia, kerupuk itu penjelasannya ilmiah adalah begini :


Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Krupuk, kerupuk, or kroepoek in Indonesia; keropok in Malaysia; kropek in the Philippines; bánh phồng tôm in Vietnam; is a popular snack in parts of East and Southeast Asia. Krupuk are deep fried crackers made from starch and other ingredients that usually give the taste. Prawn based krupuk are popular types of krupuk. They are called krupuk udang in Indonesian, prawn crackers in British English, shrimp chips or shrimp crackers in American English, Nuvole di Drago (Dragon’s Clouds) in Italian, 炸庀虾片 (fried prawn crisps) in Chinese.


There are a number of variations on krupuk, many of which are made with seafood, but occasionally with fruits, nuts or vegetables; these variations are more usual in southeast Asia. Indonesia has perhaps the largest variety of krupuk. Sidoarjo in East Java and Garut in West Java are major producers of krupuk, and many recipes originate from there. A common variation, called emping is made from melinjo (Gnetum gnemon) nuts.

In Malaysia, krupuk are usually made by grinding fish, prawns, squid or vegetables into a paste, mixing with sago and then deep-frying it. It comes in three main forms: keropok lekor which is long and chewy, keropok losong (steamed) and keropok keping which is thin and crispy. It is frequently served with dipping sauces. [1][2]

Prawn based krupuk are the most widely available in the west, and are white or light brown in colour. Despite the high amount of shrimps used, any shrimp taste is usually quite subtle. Perhaps the most common form is the Indonesian krupuk udang, made with dried shrimp and hence a light shade of pink.

In Chinese cuisine, prawn crackers may use food coloring (including shades of white, pale pink, green and blue), and tend to be lighter and non-spicy. Prawn crackers are a traditional complementary side dish and may accompany takeaway Chinese food in Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Shrimp chips are usually served with roasted chicken dishes in Chinese restaurants.[citation needed]

Krupuk are made by mixing prawns, tapioca flour and water. The mixture is rolled out, steamed, sliced and sun dried. Once dry, they are deep-fried in oil (which must be at high heat before cooking). In only a few seconds they expand from thumb-sized semi-transparent chips to white fluffy crackers, much like popcorn, as water bound to the starch expands as it turns into steam. If left in the open air for more than a few hours (depending on humidity), they start to soften and become chewy and therefore are ideally consumed within a few hours of being fried. Storing the crackers in a low humidity environment or an airtight container will preserve the crispness. Packets of unfried prawn crackers may be purchased in oriental stores, or stores that specialise in Asian cuisine. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, France, Australia and the United Kingdom they are also widely available in general supermarkets.

Most varieties of krupuk can also be prepared in a microwave oven, in which a few discs can be cooked in less than a minute. This will usually cause them to cook and expand in a way similar to when they are deep fried. For small quantities, this method is less messy, faster and healthier, as the krupuk do not become as oily. However, this may cause the krupuk to retain a stronger aroma of raw shrimp which may not necessarily be pleasant.

hehe…itu bahasa inggerisnya, bahasa indonesianya adalah ini nih….

Kerupuk atau krupuk adalah makanan ringan yang dibuat dari adonan tepung tapioka dicampur bahan perasa seperti udang atau ikan. Kerupuk dibuat dengan mengukus adonan sebelum dipotong tipis-tipis, dikeringkan di bawah sinar matahari dan digoreng dengan minyak goreng yang banyak.

Kerupuk bertekstur garing dan sering dijadikan pelengkap untuk berbagai makanan Indonesia seperti nasi goreng dan gado-gado.

Kerupuk udang dan kerupuk ikan adalah jenis kerupuk yang paling umum dijumpai di Indonesia. Kerupuk berharga murah seperti kerupuk aci atau kerupuk mlarat hanya dibuat dari adonan sagu dicampur garam, bahan pewarna makanan, dan vetsin.

Kerupuk biasanya dijual di dalam kemasan yang belum digoreng. Kerupuk ikan dari jenis yang sulit mengembang ketika digoreng biasanya dijual dalam bentuk sudah digoreng.

Kerupuk kulit atau kerupuk ikan yang sulit mengembang perlu digoreng sebanyak dua kali. Kerupuk perlu digoreng lebih dulu dengan minyak goreng bersuhu rendah sebelum dipindahkan ke dalam wajan berisi minyak goreng panas.

Kerupuk kulit (kerupuk jangek) adalah kerupuk yang tidak dibuat adonan tepung tapioka, melainkan dari kulit sapi atau kerbau yang dikeringkan.

sumber : wikipedia